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If you’re thinking this is just a sad, sorry and transparent attempt to attract more people to my site … then you would be, of course, right. So far the blog entry that gets me the most traffic is my NIPPLES vs. GUNS series – 12 blogs for 12 rounds, natch. A close second seems to be any blog mentioning a celeb … and, since i’ve snapped pix of many as a “photojournalist” i’ve decided to give them a home of their own.

My blogs about mysterious rashes linked to celery and the spit of old Blues guys just don’t bring in the numbers i envisioned.


One response to “CELEBS

  1. Did Daniel Roebuck ever spend time in Abilene, TX? He certainly looks like “Dan” who visited our office visiting an employee named Mark Daniel.

    The last time I spoke with Dan he was leaving for California to audition for a role in Andy Griffith’s “Matlock”.

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